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Michael Leary

Principal Designer
 Tel: 978-952-6200

Fax: 978-952-6260

E-mail: mleary@galapagosdesign.com
 Mike has more than a dozen years experience as a type designer and type technologist. Before becoming one of the founders of Galápagos Design Group in 1994, Mike worked alongside the other company founders at Bitstream, Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He began his type career at Compugraphic Corporation.

Mike is an expert in the application of typographic hinting technologies for all of the extant intelligent font formats. While at Compugraphic, Mike was a pioneer in the development of Intellifont-format typefaces. His work at Bitstream involved similar endeavors with Fontware, Speedo, PostScript and TrueType technologies.

International font development is also considered among Mike's areas of expertise, a result of his having worked extensively in Kanji, Cyrillic and Greek typeface design.

As the primary author of Web Designer's Guide to Typography,* a popular text on the use of type in the World Wide Web environment, Mike is a frequent contributor on the conference circuit.

Mike studied Graphic Design at Skidmore College as well as continuing his education in computer graphics and writing at Northeastern University. He is also a member of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Other senior staff
 Larry Oppenberg   Dennis Pasternak
 George Ryan   Steve Zafarana
*Leary, M., Hale, D. & Devigal A., Web Designer's Guide to Typography. (Indianapolis: Hayden Books, 1997). ISBN: 1-56830-337-8.

Illustration by Steve Zafarana

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