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George Ryan

Principal Designer
 Tel: 978-952-6200

Fax: 978-952-6260

E-mail: ryan@galapagosdesign.com
 George "Font Cowboy" Ryan rode into Dodge more than twenty years ago on his trusty steed 'Pica.' In his diacritical style, George proclaimed, "Now there's a new serif in town."

Since that epochal time, and before becoming one of the founders of Galápagos Design Group in 1994, George worked at Mergenthaler Linotype Company as a senior designer, and later as Director of Typographic Production at Bitstream, Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

An accomplished designer of original typefaces (Bitstream Oz Handicraft,™ Kennedy™ GD, ITC Kristen,™ Nikki New Roman™ GD,™ Mohawcs Note™ GD and Web-O-Mints™ GD), George is also purveyor of the production process. He knows what can go wrong, and where the subtle dangers lurk. With a wealth of (software) tools in his saddlebags, and a range-savvy eye for trouble, George keeps the stage on-trail and heading forward.

George is well-known for his no-nonsense, individual approach ("I did it my way!"), his in-depth knowledge of the idiosyncracies of Kanji production issues, and his signature query, "Anybody want some cawfee?"

George holds an Associate in Arts degree in commercial art from New York State University.

Other senior staff
 Michael Leary   Larry Oppenberg
 Dennis Pasternak   Steve Zafarana
Illustration by Steve Zafarana

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