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Larry Oppenberg

 Tel: 978-952-6200

Fax: 978-952-6260

E-mail: oppenberg@galapagosdesign.com
 "Having concluded five full years of business," observes Larry, "and with an annual growth rate of 20%, it is gratifying to realize how well we've been received in the type-related markets." Asked to what he attributes this reception, Larry responds, "Galápagos is the place to shop for fonts! The synergy of our state-of-the-art design tools and unique blend of design and technical talent—that's what accounts for our success."

Larry has nearly 30 years experience in typographic design and product development. Before founding Galápagos Design Group at the start of 1994, Larry held the position of Vice President of Type Operations at Bitstream, Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the first employee of Bitstream, Larry was at the forefront of the emerging technological advancements that the world of type witnessed during the decade of the 1980's. His responsibilities included strategic planning and development of domestic and international marketplaces.

Prior to joining Bitstream, Larry was a long-time employee of the Mergenthaler Linotype Company in New York City. At Linotype, Larry honed his design and management skills, serving in positions of ever-increasing responsibility.

Larry is a member of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), as well as a member of the Type Directors Club. In addition, Larry is a long-standing Friend of the Printing Museum.

Other senior staff
 Michael Leary   Dennis Pasternak
 George Ryan   Steve Zafarana
Illustration by Steve Zafarana

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