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Dennis Pasternak

Principal Designer
 Tel: 978-952-6200

Fax: 978-952-6260

E-mail: pasternak@galapagosdesign.com
 With nearly two decades of experience in the study and practice of type design, Dennis is an accomplished designer of original typefaces. Unlike many who work in the digital medium, Dennis considers himself a craftsman, in the tradition of the masters who worked prior to the digital era. Although it is mathematical figures and patterns that populate his computer monitors, Dennis often senses the wood, metal and brushes employed by his professional antecedents.

Before becoming one of the founders of Galápagos Design Group in 1994, Dennis worked for several of the major players in the type arena, including Compugraphic Corporation, Autologic, Inc., and Bitstream, Inc.

Dennis' growing body of original designs include the typefaces developed during his tenure at Galápagos Design Group—the Maiandra™ GD family, Baltra™ GD and ITC Stylus.™ A noteworthy earlier design is the text/display family, Bitstream Chianti.™ All of Dennis' designs have traditional roots, and are highly readable; they focus on the reader, rather than on their potential as graphic elements.

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design from the Massachusetts College of Art. He is also a member of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Other senior staff
 Michael Leary   Larry Oppenberg
 George Ryan   Steve Zafarana
Illustration by Steve Zafarana

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