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FREE Web-O-Mints!

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Web-O-Mints GD

Single Font: FREE

Designed by George Ryan

After a full meal of Heading appetizer, Body Text entrée, and Salutation desert, each with its own thoughtfully Letterspaced libation, why not finish off with a few after dinner Web-O-Mints?

Web-O-Mints, available free from Galápagos Design Group, is a new collection of ornaments and border pieces. These interesting and novel designs can be used in a variety of settings, adding distinction and completeness to documents of all sorts.

Galápagos Design’s curator of ornaments, George Ryan, gathered the diverse images found in Web-O-Mints from varied sources. Some are from 200 year-old drawings. Others appeared as punctuation amid the characters encountered on a leisurely driving tour up the California coast, cleverly concealed in antique shop furniture and obscure architectural anomalies.

Available in TrueType or PostScript format, for use on PCs or Macs, Web-O-Mints can be downloaded and used immediately in all environments. We hope you enjoy using this original collection of images.

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