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New Renaissance

Renaissance Specimen Sheet

Single Font: US $39.00

Designed by Alex Kaczun

Designer Alex Kaczun developed Renaissance over a period of time. Its pleasing shapes and dynamic contours were the result of numerous revisions as the essesnce of the design emerged. Put aside several times as other work demanded attention, its underlying structure matured even as its form took shape. Eventually, this forceful, elegant typeface would remain dormant no longer; it re-emerged of its own will. The details of its design were completed, and it was christened Renaissance – for its perseverence and its rebirth. Renaissance, the typeface, is destined to take its place among other modern integrations of classic design.

Alex Kaczun, accomplished type designer and graphic artist, has over two decades of experience in typography, graphic design, desktop publishing, electronic pre-press production and, more recently, web design and e-commerce. Classically trained in the typographic arts, Alex has worked with numerous type luminaries, including Matthew Carter.

Much of Alex's career was spent at the premier type foundry, Linotype-Hell. During his long tenure at Linotype, Alex held positions of increasing responsibility. His many accomplishments include helping with the development of the Adobe PostScript Font Library. Alex was also instrumental in the development of multi-master font designs for Apple Computer's QuickDraw GX technology. He was responsible for a decade-long project aimed at modernizing the Linotype library - reviving many of the great American typefaces, such as Caledonia, one of Dwiggins' most popular typefaces.

During a two year sabbatical, Alex was a key contributor during the founding and establishment of the world's first digital type foundry, Bitstream, Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More recently, he has been working as a Type Director for a New York ad agency.

Alex also runs his own type consulting company, Type Innovations, dedicated to international and advanced type development, as well as the delivery of custom type solutions, original typeface design, logos and corporate identity fonts. His recent accomplishments include a Greek typeface commissioned by Harvard University for use by one of their classical libraries. In addition, Alex has recently developed a family of fonts - Voon - for Bell Atlantic Mobil, as part of their VERIZON wireless campaign.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Graphic Design degree from Lehman College, and has studied Computer Science at the New York Institute of Technology.


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